IBC Tote Tracking:
Metano’s Mobile Asset Management System

Keeping track of your intermediate bulk containers can be challenging. That’s where Metano’s mobile asset management system (MAMS) comes in. MAMS offers a solution that can simplify the IBC management process and provide visibility, control and information to help manage your company’s valuable assets.

Metano's user-friendly web-based software provides the tools you need to manage your IBC fleet efficiently. All vital information regarding your IBC fleet is continually tracked, including:

  • when units are shipped or received at an unlimited number of locations
  • IBC condition, location, status and product
  • containers in transit
  • UN/DOT test date, next test date and current test certificate
  • a complete container history including movement history and maintenance history

All of your IBC fleet’s information is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be accessed from any internet connection with your company’s unique username and password. There is no need to buy any additional equipment or install any software.

Metano’s mobile asset management system (MAMS) offers a number of features including:

  • A quick, easy-to-read dashboard that provides a snapshot so you can instantly see the location and status of your entire intermediate bulk container fleet.
  • Real-time information, giving you an accurate inventory of your IBCs, the container status, its current location and the product it contains.
  • Customizable detailed management reports including container cycle time, number of turns, idle time and asset history reporting.

MAMS eliminates the time-wasting expense of searching for containers and delivers a cost-saving solution that gives you control of your IBC fleet. The benefits include:

  1. Increased visibility into your supply chain
  2. Improved IBC fleet efficiency and performance
  3. More accurate and quicker searches of inventory and assets
  4. Reduces the need for additional investment in new containers
  5. Improved customer turn-around time and efficiency
  6. Saves money by reducing labor costs by eliminating:
    • time spent looking for IBCs,
    • manually writing down numbers in warehouse, and
    • correcting data collection errors.

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