Poly IBC Tote Tank Containers

Poly tanks have these standard features:

  • 45” x 45”base dimensions with an overall height of 55”
  • HDPE translucent bottle
  • Metano Poly IBC7” polypropylene fill cap with santoprene gasket
  • 2” polypropylene fusible vent with santoprene gasket (mounted in 7” cap)
  • 2” outlet with 2” ball valve and male camlock
  • Sloped bottom for 99% drainage
  • Heavy duty attached pallet
  • Stacking lugs for alignment and support
  • Four-way fork entry
  • Two-way pallet jack access
  • Two-way anti-tip safety bars
  • UV stabilized
  • Mold in volume indicator
  • Rated for 1.9 specific gravity fluids
  • UN31H2 and DOT designed, tested & labeled
  • Stackable

Optional features for Metano’s poly IBC containers are:poly-img2.png

  • Pressure/vacuum vent
  • 22” top opening
  • Mold in graphics
  • Custom pallet colors
  • Custom bottle colors
  • Gasket materials
  • Different colors available



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