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The 101 on IBCs: Everything You Need To Know About Intermediate Bulk Containers

Stainless steel totes or poly tanks? 350-gallons or 550-gallons? What are the DOT restrictions?

Poly and SS tote tanksUltimately, your container selection will depend on the type (and quantity) of liquid you need to move and how often you plan to move it. Need to move paint resins to a long-term client?  Stainless steel tote tanks are the way to go. But for a one-time transport of agricultural pesticides, poly tanks might be the better fit. The IBC shipping pros at Metano can help you find the right container in the correct size for your application. 


According to federal regulations, all IBC liquid totes must be tested and certified, with testing date clearly marked on the unit.  Per 49 CFR 180.352, IBCs should be tested as least once every 30 months.  All stainless steel IBCs manufactured with UN markings also need a thickness test every 60 months. And dates of the retest must be clearly visible on the tank.

Closure Requirements

Stainless Steel IBC openingAchieving a tight seal is imperative to ensuring the integrity of your product. Check this list of lid closings procedures to be certain of proper lid installation.  


Parts and Accessories

While IBCs are built to withstand the rigors of shipping, occasionally a valve, pump or lid may need replacement. A reputable IBC shipping partner should have these parts in stock and ready for quick delivery to ensure you can maintain your production and transportation deadlines.IBC Parts


Moving and Storage

Totes moved with Forklift

Stainless steel IBCs have a uniform base size to allow stacking during transport and for more-efficient usage of warehouse space (stackable up to three high). A forklift (or pallet jack) is recommended for moving.



IBC Rental

Maybe you already own a fleet of IBCs and need to supplement with a stainless steel rental program.  Perhaps you just need a liquid shipping and storage solution with no capital commitment and low daily rates. Renting IBC totes allows you to expand your inventory and production, but without a large investment or long commitment. Check out the IBC Rental Guide for details.

ibc rental

Check out Metano's FAQ or contact us for all of your IBC needs!

Stainless Steel FAQ

Poly Composite FAQ


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