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5 Steps for Periodic Testing for Stainless Steel Tote Tanks

Stainless steel tote tanks that are certified to UN/DOT standards are required to be tested every 30 months. An IBC without a valid test certificate cannot be used for the transportation of regulated products. To maintain the UN/DOT compliance, the Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) owner should follow a regular inspection program and carefully document all testing procedures and the associated results.

Owners of stainless steel tote tanks should ensure the following procedures are a part of developing a full inspection program for their stainless steel tote tanks and other IBCs:

  1. The leakproofness test should be performed every 2.5 years on any UN/DOT approved IBC tank
    Manufacturer_Plate.jpg containing liquids for transport.
  2. An extensive external inspection should occur every 2.5 years starting from the date of manufacture or repair.
  3. The date of the most recent retest must be marked on the tanks, on manufacturer's plate of the IBC tote, and a retest certificate should be issued to record the results.
  4. A thickness test is required for each stainless steel tote tank every 5 years starting from the date of manufacture of repair.
  5. Be sure to record every test and keep the documentation at least until the next successful inspection.

Regular inspection and maintenance of your stainless steel tote tanks, along with proper handling and care, will ensure that your IBC investment is well protected for the long term. Click here for more information on periodic testing of stainless steel tote tanks.

The periodic testing program is part of the normal rental program. To learn more about the benefits of renting stainless steel intermediate bulk containers, simply download our e-guide: Advantages of Renting IBCs. Please contact Metano for more information on renting or using tote tanks at (732) 566-9600 or simply email us at

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