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Dump the Drums: Reduce Costs with IBC Totes

stacked ss IBC trioTraditional methods of moving and storing liquids rely on standard 55-gallon round drums, an antiquated practice that has been proven to be less efficient and not nearly as cost effective as using stainless steel IBC tote tanks, or intermediate bulk contains (IBCs). With their ability to reduce cost via their decades of useful life, provide valuable practical storage capacities, and lower liabilities, IBCs are the modern way to ship liquids in a newer, better way.


Reduced Costs

With the ability to fit six 55-gallon standard drums of product within one 350-gallon ss IBC, the trickle-down effect is immense. Its squared shape results in a reduction in labor, with less loading, unloading, and general handling time, since a single worker can move the load using a forklift. The result? A dramatic decrease in workplace injuries and accidents.

drums vs tankThe modular shape of ss IBCs lends itself to a better use of space, both during transportation, as well as storage. Maximum storage utilization is a must for any regulated industry, from pharmaceuticals, chemicals, or food. A single 350-gal ss IBC uses substantially less space than six 55-gal drums, but can be stacked just as high, all while storing more product and eliminating wasted space.

A one-piece sloped bottom with outlet offers complete drainage functionality. A pump is not necessary to fully discharge product, meaning less product is wasted or left behind. 

With proper cleaning, a stainless steel IBC can be reused, returned, and recycled nearly an unlimited amount of times. The cost of cleaning and returning a tote is nearly 55% less than the cost of purchasing and disposing of the drums with the same capacities. Low on capital? Take a look at our rental solutions to take advantage of the benefits of switching to a fleet of ss IBCs. 

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