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Stainless Steel IBC Rental Advantages

Renting stainless steel IBCs is ideal for companies seeking reliable and cost-effective containers for shipping and storing large volumes of liquid products. From the outset, an IBC is a better sustainable choice than a drum because one 350-gallon IBC has more capacity than six drums, meaning fewer resources are used to transport the same volume of liquid. IBC rentals enable companies to utilize the full advantage of tote tanks without the significant investment involved of purchasing totes. 
350-gal & 550-gal ss IBC totesStainless Steel IBC Features 
Rental totes typically come in the standard sizes of 350- and 550-gallons. Each stainless steel IBC has standard base dimensions of 42” x 48” and is constructed from 10-gauge 304 stainless steel for strength and durability. They feature a one-piece sloped bottom, 22½” top opening, 2” top bung, and a 2” bottom outlet with a ball valve. Stainless steel IBCs are UN31A certified and are suitable for the transportation of regulated liquid materials in Packaging Groups II and III. 
IBC Rental Benefits
Renting ss tote tanks conserves capital while producing immediate results. Rental totes are kept in stock and are priced at a low daily rate, making it easy to start using totes immediately, a huge benefit for companies concerned with costs and lead time. With rentals you will never own expensive obsolete equipment, and you won’t have to worry about having the wrong type of container.  Our tank rental program ensures that you don't have underutilized assets wasting space and costing you money.  Additional perks of an IBC rental service includes: 
  • No investment in equipment is required
  • Rent high quality stainless steel IBCs
  • Small monthly payments
  • Lower ownership, packaging and shipping costs with a smaller asset base
Industries That Can Benefit from IBC Rentals
Transporting and storing bulk liquids is a complex proposition. The use of stainless steel construction in IBC tank rentals are useful for many industries, including:
Your IBC Rental Source
Improve your bulk liquid storage and transportation capabilities with high-quality stainless steel IBC rentals. To get all your intermediate bulk container questions answered, send us an email, or call us at 1-800-634-4128.

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