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IBC Myths

Avoid These Common Misconceptions About IBC Totes:

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Interested in making the switch to tote tanks for your liquid products but still have some questions? Here are some common IBC Myth Busters to get you better acquainted with the benefits of IBC totes:


drum vs tank-1
1) Myth: Drums provide a larger liquid storage volume


Drums are only able to accommodate 55 gallons of liquid storage. In comparison, the most common IBC tote has a capacity of 350-gallons! Available in various sizes from 180 gallon capacity to 550 gallon capacity, most stainless steel tote tanks come with a base dimension of 42" x 48", taking up less storage real-estate. 

Totes moved with Forklift2) Myth: IBCs are difficult to move

Both stainless steel and poly composite tote tanks are much easier to move than a standard drum, with the help of a forklift or pallet jack. Stainless steel IBCs can have direct contact with a forklift and have lifting legs for easy positioning. Moving your IBC totes via a forklift should be a standard practice that can vastly improve warehouse and worker safety.



3) Myth: IBC filling and discharge can be difficult


Poly composite and stainless steel tanks are ready-to-fill and are even easier to discharge. Stainless steel tote tanks normally have a 2" bung opening and a 3" vent cap on the top of the tank that can be used for quick filling. For discharge, stainless steel totes are designed with a sloped bottom so that 99.95% of your product will drain out. Poly composite totes comes equipped with a 2" outlet valve.

UN/DOT Certified

4) Myth: IBC certificates are difficult to track

Certification and regulation are required by law and are clearly marked on each tote tank so that you know they are in compliance. IBCs are tested every 30 months and go through additional thickness testing every 5 years. If you are concerned about certifying your own fleet of IBCs, you might consider outsourcing this task with an IBC totes rental program. Metano's proprietary mobile asset management system makes tracking of both tote tanks and their certificates a breeze. 

To learn more, check out our FAQs or Contact Us today for personalized help from Metano's IBC experts!


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