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Personal Care Industry Use of Intermediate Bulk Containers

Variety of CosmeticsThere are thousands of chemicals used to make the countless products in the personal care industry.  The personal care industry includes hair care products, makeup & color cosmetics, soaps & shower gels, sun care, skin care, oral care, fragrances & deodorants, and many other OTC products.  Manufacturers making these products need a reliable storage method that won't contaminate the product.  A great bulk storage method for these chemicals is using stainless steel intermediate bulk containers (IBCs).  Stainless steel is compatible with many products, making it the go to material of choice for many cosmetic manufacturers.  While stainless steel is a great option for many chemicals, you still need to confirm that it is compatible with the chemicals in your process.  A good place to start is checking out the Cole-Parmer chemical compatibility database.

Personal care is a huge multi-billion dollar market in the United States.  According to an industry analysis conducted by Snipp, an international advertising agency, “the U.S. personal care product industry boasts a combined annual revenue of more than $40 billion".  The personal care product industry is expected to continue growing, increasing the opportunities for cosmetic manufacturers.  This is great news, but it does mean that production requirements will continue to increase.  An increase in production means that more product will need to be stored and transported.  IBCs are known for their ability to efficiently store and transport large quantities of liquids.  Utilizing Metano's IBC rental program can be a great way to quickly expand storage capabilities without large up front capital expenditures in storage equipment.  

There are two growing trends quickly defining the future of the personal care market, consumers demanding more organic products, and consumers wanting more personalized products.  Snipp identified through their industry analysis that, “16% of heavy users of personal care products buy organic", and that, "natural product lines are projected to continue growing at a compound annual rate of 7% to 9% through 2020".  A significant portion of the market already demands natural, sustainable products, and that consumer base is projected to rapidly expand over the next several years. 

Personalized Cosmetics

Consumers are also looking to more personalized products.  Mintel, a market research firm, identified the importance of individuality in the future of the personal care market.  “In 2018 and beyond, beauty consumers will demand that their individual needs are answered with options or customizable beauty. Brands will embrace inclusivity and address individual beauty concerns which will result in more customization and personalization of products.”  Companies sticking to cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all products will be left behind as brands that embrace diverse product lines revolutionize the cosmetic industry.  

To capitalize on these trends, cosmetic manufacturers must respond quickly and put an emphasis on growing their product lines in order to target the different consumer segments more effectively.  Major industry players are already expanding product lines to be more aligned with evolving consumer expectations.  Stainless steel IBCs are a great way to separate and store liquid products when you have a variety of product lines, as they can easily be labeled for clarity and quick identification.  The filled stainless steel totes can then be transported to a contract packaging facility to be emptied.  If needed, it's easy to switch between products.  Just send in the IBC to get cleaned, and it can be reused to store an entirely different product, with no worry of cross contamination.  With the ever increasing diversity of products in the personal care market, IBCs will continue to be an essential solution for the bulk storage and transportation of liquid cosmetics.   

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