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Reconditioned Stainless Steel IBCs

Reconditioned 350 gal ss IBC

Industry leaders know that stainless steel IBCs (IBCs) are an efficient and cost effective option for the bulk storage and transportation of liquids. Many companies have already reduced costs by switching from drums to IBCs.  Additional value can be gained by choosing qualified reconditioned stainless steel IBCs when available. Reconditioned IBCs offer all the advantages of new tote tanks, but with a significantly reduced cost.

A high quality reconditioning process restores stainless steel totes to "like new" condition.  An internal cleaning and external detergent wash removes all traces of the product previously contained in the totes. All fittings and gaskets are inspected and replaced as needed. Once clean, an internal and external inspection is performed along with a leak-proof test to ensure the totes meet DOT regulations. If necessary, a thickness test is also conducted as per DOT requirements.  A DOT retest certificate is issued.

Reconditioned stainless steel IBCs are a great option for many different industries. Reconditioned totes undergo an extensive cleaning process, making their use suitable for nearly any purpose. Industries that can take advantage of reconditioned IBCs include:

Reconditioned 550 gal ss IBC

Reconditioned IBCs are an excellent option for any company looking for an efficient and cost effective solution for the bulk storage and transportation of liquids.  Anyone who uses IBCs can achieve even greater cost savings by purchasing reconditioned totes. It is important to purchase used totes from a reputable supplier to ensure the totes are delivered with the same quality you’ve come to expect when using new IBCs. With high quality at a reduced price, reconditioned IBCs are a storage solution that’s hard to beat.

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