350 Gallon Stainless Steel Tote Tank

    350 gallon stainless steel ibc
    At Metano, we offer 350-gallon stainless steel IBCs as a cost-effective solution for handling, storing and shipping liquids. Our 350-gallon totes have a base dimension of 42” x 48” and a height of 47”. They’re constructed with 10-gauge stainless steel, have a 2b finish, and feature a one-piece sloped bottom for complete drainage. The tops of the tanks have a 2” bung, and a 22½” drum cover with a 3” fusible vent to allow for pressure release in an emergency.

    Our stainless steel intermediate bulk containers are UN/DOT certified, so they can be used to transport regulated products. The totes also comply with the NFPA 30 flammable liquids code, allowing the containers to be used for the industrial storage of flammable and combustible products. Our tanks are available for purchase or lease depending on your needs.

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    Standard Specs of Our 350 Gallon Totes

    • 42' x 48" base dimension
    • 47" overall IBC tank height
    • 470 Lb Tare Weight
    • One-piece sloped bottom for uniform and complete drainage
    • 22 1/2" diameter top opening with removable lid, gasket, and bottled clamp ring
    • 2" top bung opening
    • 2" bottom outlet with stainless steel ball valves
    • 3" Fusible vent allows for rapid release of pressure in emergency situations
    • 3-way fork lift entry
    • Compliance with NFPA 30 flammable liquids code
    • UNDOT certified for transportation of regulated products

    Available Options for Intermediate Bulk Containers

    • Material options include carbon steel or stainless steel tanks
    • Available in wide range of height and base dimensions
    • Available with different top opening locations and sizes
    • Rent and Lease-purchase options
    • Wide range of available lid gaskets
    • Multiple bung types and locations
    • Heating and cooling jackets
    • Material and weld finishes to 320 grit
    • On tank volume calibration chart
    • IBC cleaning, testing, tracking and repair

    Whether moving bulk liquids on the road or within your plant, many industries including petrochemical, pharmaceutical, chemical, water treatment, wineries and more, turn to Metano for their IBC and liquid packagaing and handling needs. Don't pay more than you have to when it comes to stainless IBCs.

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