Metal IBC Containers

Our metal containers provide a durable, reusable answer to your liquid packaging, transportation and storage needs.

The one-piece ½” sloped bottom assures uniform and nearly complete drainage. Our metal tanks also meet and exceed UN/DOT regulations.

Metal IBC Features:

Metano metal IBC

  • Stackable to 4 high
  • Limitless service life with minimal maintenance


Metal IBC Options:

  • Metano 350-gal IBCStainless steel material and weld finishes to 320 grit
  • Custom sizes and base dimensions
  • Stainless steel or carbon steel construction
  • Buy, rent or lease/purchase options for IBCs

But we’re not “just” a metal IBC provider. Our customers rely on our commitment to quality and customer service to meet their liquid packaging needs while improving their bottom line.

Carbon Steel IBC Industry Applications

Our carbon IBC totes are commonly used in the paints and coatings industry.  Since many paints and coatings are sensitive to air and moisture, a tight seal is crucial.  Metal IBCs provide an airtight seal, protecting the paints and coatings from the outside environment. These durable tanks can be manufactured to meet DOT/UN certifications so that they can be used to transport products.


drums vs ibcs


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