Flavors and Fragrances

Intermediate bulk containers are a key component in movement and storage of liquid products throughout the flavor and fragrance industry. Whether you are moving raw materials such as liquid flavor and ingredients to your customer, or shipping the finished product to your contract packer –stainless steel IBCs are the container of choice. Metano IBC Services, Inc. has been working in the flavor and fragrance industry for over twenty years. We can use our experience in the industry to help you find solutions to your liquid handling challenges.

IBCs for flavorsWe are a single-source, full-service supplier of IBCs for the flavors and fragrances industry and its suppliers. Our capabilities include sales and rentals, testing, maintenance and repair. We can also customize any IBC to suit your specific application.

The need to move large quantities of liquid products though the supply chain is a major concern for fragrance manufacturers. The ability to easily fill, transport and empty containers in the most efficient way possible is a necessity. 

IBCs for fragrancesAt Metano, our team can work with you to assess your process and develop liquid handling solutions to satisfy those requirements. While needs vary, flavor and fragrance manufacturers often use 350-gallon stainless steel and 275-gallon polyethylene composite totes.


IBC Features

IBCs are ideal for storing and transporting liquids in large quantities. These industrial containers are stackable, washable, reusable and can be shipped affordably. We supply stainless steel, carbon steel and polyethylene composite containers with capacities from 180 to 550 gallons.


IBC Rentals

Our reliable IBC rental service is ideal for customers looking to take advantage of the benefits of stainless steel IBCs without the large up-front capitalized cost. Renting is an ideal solution for changes in production or short-term liquid storage needs. Our dedicated customer service team will help find the best IBC solution for your application.

Let Metano help you better manage your raw materials, ingredients and finished products with the best intermediate bulk container solution. You're not just receiving a container when partnering with Metano. Offering flexible solutions tailored to the customer, we have the expertise, equipment and supply chain network needed to satisfy your needs quickly and correctly.

Stainless Steel IBCs

Stainless steel IBCs provide a cost-effective, reliable method of handling, storing and shipping liquids.

Poly Composite

Our 275-gallon poly-composite IBCs are made from blow molded HDPE and a rigid welded galvanized tubular steel grid.  


IBC rentals from Metano are the right option for manufacturers seeking to green their processes.

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