Metano IBC Rental Benefits

Why Rent a Stainless Steel IBC?

Do you have seasonal fluctuations in production? Do you have unanticipated special orders or temporary stainless steel tote requirements? Do you have underutilized IBCs wasting space and costing you money?
Renting stainless steel IBCs solves these problems and provides a major advantage over purchasing containers. The decision to rent rather than purchase stainless steel IBCs can provide multiple benefits. The financial and production benefits gained from renting IBCs include tax and capital savings along with improved inventory management. Renting provides the ability to get the totes you need into production when you need them.

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 Renting also offers the following:350 gallon Stainless Steel Tote

• No Capital Commitment
• Virtually Immediate Delivery
• Flexible Rental Programs
• Conserve Capital
• Eliminate Disposal Costs
• Cost Saving Benefits

With no money down and no long-term obligation of a lease or purchase, Metano's Rental Program can satisfy your precise IBC applications quickly and economically.  Metano's rental fleet of 350-gallon and 550-gallon stainless steel IBCs offers the two most common sizes of IBCs to meet your production needs.  Your only commitment is to the daily rental of the container of your choice.

Why are IBCs the Better Choice?

Space efficient and easier to handle, IBCs are also easier to fill, easier to empty, and use less space. One 350-gallon IBC has more capacity than six drums. Save on labor, storage and freight costs.
Complete drainage in IBCs eliminates wasteful product residue. IBCs are durable and reusable so you can eliminate drums and drum disposal costs. Even if you are a long-time user of IBCs or if you are just making the transition from 55-gallon drums, Metano's IBC Rental Program offers you maximum flexibility at the minimum of out of pocket expense.

Top 10 Reasons to Rent Intermediate Bulk Containers

The benefits of renting intermediate bulk containers are wide-ranging and can boost not only your company’s bottom line, but your own peace of mind as well:

  • Conserve Capital- Use stainless steel IBCs without the large capital outlay. No down payment and small monthly payments allow your company to use its cash resources to finance long-term growth.
  • Preserve Credit Lines- The financial flexibility of renting stainless steel IBCs enables your company to reserve valuable lines of credit for other growth opportunities.
  • Immediate Results- Stainless steel tote rental programs allow you to start using IBCs today! There is no need to wait for available capital; a rental program can be set up in minutes.
  • Eliminate Non-working Assets- You never have to worry about your IBCs not being utilized when you rent totes - simply return the tanks when you are done with them.
  • Enjoy Tax Benefits- The cost of renting IBCs may be an operating expense that may provide more tax benefits than the depreciation expense of buying the IBCs.
  • Budget Flexibility- The ease and cost savings of renting high quality stainless steel IBCs for both short-term and long-term projects increase productivity while lowering costs.
  • Additional Financing Options- Companies can finance their utilization of IBCs by participating in our rental programs
  • Eliminate Obsolete Equipment- Renting stainless steel IBCs means never having to deal with your equipment becoming obsolete.
  • Environmentally Correct- Stainless steel IBCs are returnable. Save money by eliminating wasteful drum disposal and the associated disposal costs.
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment- Always be assured that renting provides the latest equipment and technologies available.

Renting intermediate bulk containers can make a difference in your company’s business productivity, especially when you find the right provider to partner with.

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