Mixer Systems

Air powered mixer
Air Powered Mixer

Pneumatic Driven Mixers with the following features:
• 1.8 HP, 3.0 HP, and 5.0 HP
• Dual 6” stainless steel impellers
• 5/8” diameter stainless steel shaft
• Includes one (1) 22 ½” diameter 304 stainless steel drum cover with 3” threaded connection in the center
• Ready to use upon receipt
• Maximum air consumption of 80 CFM at 90 PSI on 3.0 HP unit
• Mixer speed can be adjusted by airflow to achieve 1 RPM to 2500 RPM
• Optional gear reducer to increase torque 
Electric powered mixer Electric Driven Mixer
Electric Driven Mixers with the following features:
• 1.5 HP, 2.0 HP, 3.0 HP
• 110 volt, 220 volt, 460 volt
• Dual 6" Mixed-Flow stainless steel impellers
• 5/8" diameter stainless steel shaft that is 35" long
• Includes one (1) 22 1/2" diameter 304 stainless steel drum cover with 3" threaded connection in the center
• Optional Variable Speed Controller and explosion proof motors
Quick connect mixer
Quick Connect/Removable Drive Unit Mixer Assembly for U.N./D.O.T. Service

This system consists of two primary components: a lower shaft/blade unit and an upper power unit complete with detachable lid mounting plate.
• Includes gear reducer
• Hydraulic, Air & Electric motors available
• Quick mount with locking pin
• Units can be retrofitted to your existing drive
• Upper unit consists of a motor (air, hydraulic or electric), gear box and mounting flange and coupling
• Lower unit consists of a mounting plate, bearing housing shaft and two (2) turbine blades


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