Food and Beverage

Metano IBC Services, Inc. has been serving the food and beverage industry for over twenty years. Intermediate bulk containers are an integral part of liquid handling solutions moving and storing products inside processing plants and throughout their distribution channels. Stainless steel IBCs are the intermediate bulk container of choice because of their ease of use, ability to sanitize and product compatibility. Our tanks are also available to meet food grade requirements of the USDA and FDA.

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Food Grade IBC Charateristics

Metano IBCs can be designed with sanitary connections and closures to help ensure clean sealing surfaces at the filling and dispensing ports. Stainless steel IBCs can be designed with a high gloss finish and polished internal welds to meet the most stringent sanitary and cleanliness requirements. Additional ports and fittings can be added to help streamline the manufacturing process.

IBCs are ideal for storing and transporting liquids in large quantities. These industrial containers are stackable, washable, reusable and can be shipped affordably. We supply stainless steel, carbon steel and polyethylene composite containers with capacities from 180 to 550 gallons.

Food Grade Tote Applications

As a full-service supplier of IBCs, we are dedicated to serving the food and beverage industry and its suppliers. Our capabilities include sales and rentals, maintenance and repair, transportation, and custom application design services. While needs vary, food and beverage manufacturers often use 350-gallon stainless steel and 275-gallon polyethylene composite totes. Common applications include milks, creams, alcohols and juices.

Food Grade Tank Advantages

Metano_550stackFood grade tanks can improve the productivity of your business through increased mobilization and accessibility. They can help cut operational costs by reducing product loss, shipping quantities and labor. Our food grade totes also function as long-term, reusable assets.

Compared to 55-gallon drums, IBCs are more space efficient and easier to handle. One 350-gallon IBC has more capacity than six drums. This will help cut costs on labor, storage and freight.

Custom Containers

Customers looking to streamline processes can benefit from our custom container options, which include a variety of height and base dimensions, range of fitting types, sizes and locations, and insulation for heating and cooling. IBCs can be designed to handle viscous liquids with total drain capabilities that can be difficult to manage properly. Team up with our experienced engineers to solve bulk liquid storage or transportation problems.

IBC Rentals

Our reliable IBC rental service is ideal for customers looking to take advantage of the benefits of stainless steel IBCs without the large up-front capitalized cost. Renting is an ideal solution for changes in production or short-term liquid storage needs. Our dedicated customer service team will help find the best IBC solution for your application.
Let Metano help you better manage your raw materials, ingredients and finished products with the best intermediate bulk container solution. Browse our selection of food grade stainless steel tanks and food grade poly composite to find the best fit for your application. Contact us today.

Stainless Steel IBCs

Stainless steel IBCs provide a cost-effective, reliable method of handling, storing and shipping liquids.

Poly Composite

Our 275-gallon poly-composite IBCs are made from blow molded HDPE and a rigid welded galvanized tubular steel grid.  


IBC rentals from Metano are the right option for manufacturers seeking to green their processes.

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