Plastic IBC Tote Tank Containers

Plastic Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) are commonly used for transporting and storing liquids, including chemicals, food ingredients, pharmaceuticals, and more. Plastic IBC Tote Tank Containers are a specific type of IBC that is made of plastic materials.

Wide Mouth Square Stackable Plastic IBC Tote

The wide mouth square design facilitates easier filling, cleaning, and accessing the contents of the container. The square-shaped containers are often preferred in situations where efficient space utilization is essential, as they can be stacked more easily than cylindrical containers. The "stackable" feature means that these IBC totes are designed to be safely stacked on top of each other. This capability is beneficial for optimizing storage space during both transportation and warehousing.

Square Stackable Plastic IBC Totes

Poly tanks have these standard features:
  • 45” x 45”base dimensions with an overall height of 63.5”
  • UN/DOT Certified (31H2)
  • 330-gallon-premium-square-stackable-red-base-t (002)Packaging group II and III materials per Title 49 CFR 
  • 1/2" wall thickness HDPE
  • 1.9 Specific Gravity
  • 6" screw cap with security tether
  • 2" plastic vacuum relief vent
  • Two 2" bungs in the top of the tank
  • 2" standard port bottom drain valve
  • Molded-in gallonage markers
  • Forklift and stacking capabilities

Optional features for Metano’s poly IBC containers are:

  • Pressure/vacuum vent
  • Molded-in customer information
  • Viton Gasket Package




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