insulating blanket Insulating blankets
Removable Exterior Insulation Jackets
• Constructed of heavy duty vinyl
• 1½” thick fiberglass insulation
• Easily installed and removed
• Opening for drum cover, fill access, 2” bung
• R Value = .31 BTUs per inch/hour square foot (F°)
coil Lid Mounted Coils
Removable Internal Heat Coil installed in drum cover assembly including:
• Coils consists of 1” Sch. 10 pipe rolled to a 22” OD with 5½” of pitch
• Inlet and outlet are 1” male pipe threads
• Drum cover includes 3½”  guard and 19” repad
• Coils are supported in the bottom with three (3) supports
• Specifically designed to allow for start & finish temperature requirements

belly band heater Belly Band Heaters
Removable Electric Belly Band Heater installed around the circumference of the tank:
• 120 or 240 volt
• Two 1500 watt elements for 3000 watts total
• Adjustable thermostat controls
• 6” wide
• 6’ HPN cord set
• Spring clasp to attach the two sides


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