insulating blanket Insulating blankets
Removable Exterior Insulation Jackets
• Constructed of heavy duty vinyl
• 1½” thick fiberglass insulation
• Easily installed and removed
• Opening for drum cover, fill access, 2” bung
• R Value = .31 BTUs per inch/hour square foot (F°)
transfer jacket Transfer/Dimple Jackets
Dimple Jacket Heat Transfer Service applied to the sides of the tank:
• Includes 1” threaded inlet and outlet connection
• Can be used on all four sides and bottom of tank
• Dimple jacket can be wrapped around the corners of the tank.  This will allow you to have one (1) inlet and one (1) outlet connection while using  jackets on more than one side
• Heat transfer coefficient dependent upon product, medium, temperatures, etc.
• Dimple jacket is permanently welded to side of tank
• Dimple jacket made of 14 gauge
• Standard heat transfer surface is rated for 60 psig @ 300°F
- - please note that although the tanks and its surfaces can withstand 300°F, the fusible vent, gaskets, etc. are not designed to withstand these temperatures

coil Lid Mounted Coils
Removable Internal Heat Coil installed in drum cover assembly including:
• Coils consists of 1” Sch. 10 pipe rolled to a 22” OD with 5½” of pitch
• Inlet and outlet are 1” male pipe threads
• Drum cover includes 3½”  guard and 19” repad
• Coils are supported in the bottom with three (3) supports
• Specifically designed to allow for start & finish temperature requirements

belly band heater Belly Band Heaters
Removable Electric Belly Band Heater installed around the circumference of the tank:
• 120 or 240 volt
• Two 1500 watt elements for 3000 watts total
• Adjustable thermostat controls
• 6” wide
• 6’ HPN cord set
• Spring clasp to attach the two sides


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