Go Green with IBC Rentals

IBC rentals from Metano are the right option for manufacturers seeking to green their processes.

From the outset, an IBC is a better sustainable choice than a drum because one 350-gallon IBC has more capacity than six drums, meaning fewer resources are used to transport the same volume of liquid.

Even better, reusable packaging, like our intermediate bulk containers, makes a positive impact on the environment by reducing labor, shipping and waste disposal costs.

Stainless steel IBCs are an environmentally correct response because:
  • Generate less waste - returnable IBCs eliminate350 gall Stainless Steel Tote the disposal of pallets and drums.    
  • Completely drainable - creating virtually no product waste.
  • More efficient -the fewer the overall required containers, the lower the freight cost and fuel consumption.
  • Save energy - IBCs fill faster than drums, reducing overall operating costs
  • Recyclable - IBCs can be fully recovered and reprocessed into other useful products at the end of their service life.

An intermediate bulk container not only benefits the environment, but it also can help your company's bottom line by reducing: 

  • Labor costs
  • Overall packaging costs
  • General expenses, since renting IBCs is less expensive than purchasing
  • Product loss

Metano’s IBC rental programs easily fall within the growing trend of eco-initiatives favored by manufacturers across the world. 

If you're looking similar sustainable liquid transportation and storage options, look no further than Metano. Contact us now to put our IBC rental programs to work for your company. 

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