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Stainless Steel IBC Tanks & Totes

Stainless steel IBC tanks and totes provide a reliable, cost-effective method of handling, storing and shipping liquids. Our 10-gauge 304 stainless steel intermediate bulk containers are constructed for strength and durability. They feature a one-piece sloped bottom, 22½” top opening, 2” top bung and a 2” bottom outlet with a ball valve. We offer a variety of capacities from 180-550 gallons, featuring a standard base dimension of 42”x 48”. Our food grade IBC totes are UN31A certified for the transport of flammable and combustible liquids. These stainless IBC totes are used in a variety of industries including the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, flavor and fragrances, and food and beverage industries

We also offer a comprehensive Stainless Steel IBC rental program for qualified applicants.

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Stainless Steel IBC Tank Dimensions

350-Gallon Stainless Steel Tote

The most common size is the 350-gallon stainless steel tote. This capacity provides the most cost-efficient use of material and easily double stacks in common over-the-road trailers. The standard 350-gallon tote dimension is 42" x 48" base with an overall height of 47".  The stainless 350-gallon IBC has the same base dimensions as a pallet, but can hold more than SIX 55-gallon drums!

550-Gallon Stainless Steel Tote

Another popular size is the 550-gallon stainless steel tote. The standard 550-gallon tote dimension is 42" x 48" base with an overall height of 71". These tanks have a tare weight of approx. 615 lbs. They have the same base dimension as a pallet, but can hold TEN 55-gallon drums!

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Common Stainless Steel IBC Tank Capacities

  • Capacity (Gallons)
  • Base Size
  • Base Size
  • Overall IBC Tank Height
  • Tare Weight (Pounds)

Additional Stainless Steel IBC Tank Capacities

  • Capacity (Gallons)
  • Base Size
  • Base Size
  • Overall IBC Tank Height
  • Tare Weight (Pounds)

304 Stainless Steel IBC Features

  • 42" x 48" base dimension
  • One-piece sloped bottom that assures uniform and complete drainage
  • 22 1/2" diameter top opening with removable lid, gasket, and bolted clamp ring
  • 2" top bung opening
  • 2" bottom outlet with stainless steel ball valve

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Stainless Steel IBC Industry Applications

Stainless steel chemical IBC totes satisfy industry requirements for handling flammable material, high temperatures, stringent product compatibility and hazardous and non-hazardous liquids.  The versatility of these IBCs makes them the ideal storage solution for a wide variety of industries, from pharmaceutical intermediates to petrochemicals.  Being DOT/UN certified, these stainless steel chemical IBCs are ideal for companies that need to ship large amounts of product, such as those in the flavors and fragrances industry.  With sanitary customization options, stainless steel tote tanks are also a great option for companies storing products that must meet high quality standards, such as in the food and beverage industry.

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Stainless IBC Tank Advantages

Stainless IBC tanks provide an efficient alternative to 55-gallon drums. IBCs are easier to handle, safer to use and better for the environment. Our free guide provides advantages of using stainless steel totes instead of drums and covers every aspect of container usage including, disposal concerns, product loss, shipping costs, labor costs and liability issues.

Stainless Steel IBC Benefits

  • Reusable stainless steel totes that can be thoroughly cleaned and refilled
  • IBCs drain completely, eliminating any product residual
  • Large top opening that provides easy access for cleaning
  • Minimized amount of handling required, reducing the risks of accident
  • Three-way fork entry that makes moving IBCs with a forklift easy
  • Can be stacked three high, empty or full, increasing storage space

View more benefits of Stainless Steel IBC Tanks and Totes here or view our Frequently Asked Questions

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Metano 350-gal Stainless Steel IBC
Fusible Vent

3” NPT 316 S/S fusible vent cap with teflon gasket.

Drum Cover

22” 304 S/S drum cover with 3” nipple in center with eyebrows. 

Lifting Lugs & Stacking Positioners 
Stainless Steel Construction

10 Gauge stainless steel IBC construction with 2b finish.

Sloped Bottom

1-Piece slopped bottom uniform and virtually complete drainage.

Ball Valve

2” 316 S/S low-profile ball valve with reverse stem and locking handle.

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