Poly Composite IBCs: Frequently Asked Questions

275-gallon: 40" x 48" base with approximate overall height of 46"

a. 275-gallon w/ steel pallet: Approximately 130 lbs.

b. 275-gallon w/ plastic pallet: Approximately 139 lbs.

a. Class 200

b. NMFC# 41024-2

60 totes can fit double stacked in a 53' trailer.

56 totes can fit double stacked in a 48' trailer.

IBCs can only be double stacked when empty.

Totes that are UN/DOT certified will be labeled with the UN# on the top of the front marking plate.

Totes with new bottles are considered to be food grade.

Totes come with either a 2" ball valve or 2" butterfly valve. The outlet can have either NPT or QD fittings. Valves with an EPDM gasket will have a red handle, and valves with a Viton gasket will have a grey or white handle.

Poly composite IBCs are designed to be moved with either forklift or a pallet jack. The totes are designed with a 4-way forklift entry.

Totes can be stacked up to 4 high when empty.

Totes can be stacked up to 3 high, or up to 3,700 lbs., when full.

Maximum rated fill temperate: 160 degrees Fahrenheit

Maximum rated storage temperature:

a. Short term storage (less than 2 weeks): 140 degrees Fahrenheit

b. Long term storage (greater than 2 weeks): 104 degrees Fahrenheit

Minimum rated temperature: -20 degrees Fahrenheit

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