Poly Composite IBC Tote Tanks

Composite IBC Tote Tanks

Poly Composite IBCs provide a cost-effective, reliable method of handling, storing and shipping liquids.  Polyethylene composite IBCs are composed of an inner container extrusion blow molded from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and an outer container made of a rigid welded galvanized tubular steel grid. The pallet can be plastic or metal. The fittings (valve, cap, gaskets ) will vary based on customer requirements.  Poly composite IBCs are available in standard capacities of 275-gallons and 330-gallons.  Durable and reusable, tote tanks save money on labor, storage and freight costs. 

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Screw Cap Fill Opening 

Solid, plug or vent

Top Cross Bars 
Holds inner container in place

Extrusion Blow Molded
Inner Container made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE)

Tubular Steel Cage 
Rigid welded galvanized tubular steel grid

Identification Plate
Space for labeling the product and other details

2" outlet valve
NPT or QD fitting

Corner Guards (optional)
Protect Inner Container

4-way Entry Pallet

Available pallet options: steel, plastic, or wood

Poly Composite IBC Tank Advantages

Tote tanks provide an efficient alternative to 55-gallon drums.  IBCs are easier to handle, safer to use and better for the environment.  Sometimes referred to as "one way totes", poly composite tanks are ideal for those who want the size and space advantages of IBC's without worrying about cleaning, testing, and paying large upfront costs. 

Poly Composite IBC Features 

  • Rated for 1.9 specific gravity fluids
  • Approved for materials in UN Packing Groups II & III 
  • New bottled totes are rated as food-grade
  • Four-way fork entry makes moving IBCs with a forklift easy
  • Perfectly suited for high bay warehousing.  Totes are able to be stacked four high when empty, and have a specially reinforced bottom plate that prevents deflection.  
  • Additional corner guards protect the inner container

Poly Composite IBC Specifications

  • UN approval: 31HA1
  • 40" x 48" base dimension
  • Sloped bottom assures uniform and complete drainage
  • 6" top fill opening with screw cap
  • 2" poly discharge ball valve with NPT thread or QD fitting
  • Galvanized steel frame
  • Translucent plastic makes it easy to monitor fluid levels in the container
  • 1/2" HDPE, UV stabilized plastic 

Visit Poly Composite StorePoly Composite IBC Tote Tank Dimensions

The standard sizes for poly composite IBCs are the 275-gallon & 330-gallon capacities. The 275-gallon capacity provides the most cost efficient use of material and easily double stacks in common over-the-road trailers. The standard poly composite tote tank dimensions are a 40" x 48" base, with 275-gallon containers having an overall height of 46", and 330-gallon containers having an overall height of 53".  A 330-gallon poly composite IBC has the same base dimensions as a pallet, but can hold as much as six 55-gallon drums!


Poly Composite IBCs
Nominal Capacity 275 gallons 330 gallons
Length 48 inches 48 inches
Width 40 inches 40 inches
Height including pallet 46 inches 53 inches
Weight, w/ wood pallet 145 lbs. 165 lbs.
Weight, w/ steel pallet 130 lbs. 150 lbs.
Weight, w/ plastic pallet 139 lbs. 159 lbs.


Composite IBC Industry Applications

Our 275 & 330-gallon high density polyethylene tanks can be used to store a variety of industrial chemicals with a specific gravity of up to 1.9. They are also commonly used in the food and beverage industry to store and transport liquids. Often referred to as “one-way totes”, poly composite IBCs are cheap enough that they are often used just a single time before being replaced, making them the perfect option for companies shipping sensitive products that need to be kept in a brand new container.


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