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    Standard specifications for Metano’s poly composite IBCs are:

    • UN approval: 31HA1
    • HDPE blow molded bottle
    • 275-gallon capacity or 330-gallon capacity
    • 6” top fill opening with screw cap and ‘o’ ring seal
    • 2” poly discharge valve with NPT thread or QD
    • Viton or EPDM gasket material
    • Steel or plastic pallet
    Poly Composite IBCs
    Nominal Capacity 275 gallons
    330 gallons
    Length 48 in.
    48 in.
    Width 40 in.
    40 in.
    Height including pallet 46 in.
    53 in.
    Weight, w/ wood pallet 145 lbs.
    165 lbs.
    Weight, w/ steel pallet 130 lbs.
    150 lbs.
    Weight, w/ plastic pallet 139 lbs.
    159 lbs.


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