Stainless Steel IBC Tote Rentals & Leasing

Stainless Steel IBC Tank Rentals & Leasing

Metano offers 350- and 550-gallon stainless steel IBC rentals as a cost-effective method of liquid packaging and transport. Our UN31A certified steel tote rentals are ideal for use in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical and flavor and fragrance industries. These corrosion-resistant, reusable tanks feature a one piece body, making them extremely durable.

Renting an IBC tote allows your company to conserve capital and see immediate results. Your business can begin saving money now by renting high-quality stainless steel tanks for low daily rates. There are no rental length requirements – simply return the IBCs empty and in good condition.

Metano's IBC Rental Program offers:

• Low Daily Rates350 gallon stainless steel tote
• Simply return the IBC's at any time in good, clean condition
• No investment in equipment is required
• No minimum and no maximum rental term
• Access to Metano web-based tracking system
• Highest quality stainless steel IBCs on the market today
• Take advantage of the benefits of IBCs today with small monthly payments
• Lower your ownership costs, packaging and shipping costs with a smaller asset base

Common Stainless Steel Tank Capacities

  • Capacity (Gallons)
  • Base Size
  • Base Size
  • Overall IBC Tank Height
  • Tare Weight (Pounds)


Rental IBC Specifications:

• 42” x 48” base350 gallon Stainless steel totes stacked
• 10 gauge 304 ss construction
• 2” bung in tank top
• 3” fusible vent / fill cap in lid
• Sloped bottom for complete drainage
• U.N. and D.O.T. certified
• Bottom discharge with 2” ss ball valve
• One-piece top & bottom heads
• Stackable

IBC Rental Benefits

Renting means you will never own expensive obsolete equipment, and you won’t have to worry about having the wrong type of container. Our tank rental program ensures that you don't have underutilized assets wasting space and costing you money. Additionally, our reusable packaging makes a positive impact on the environment by reducing labor and waste disposal cost. Learn more about the benefits of stainless-steel IBC rentals.

Our stainless-steel totes are an ideal choice for chemical tote rentals as these tanks are UN31A certified for the transport of flammable and combustible liquids. Take the worry and unnecessary expense out of your liquid packaging programs – contact us now to find out about stainless steel tote rentals for your business.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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