Reconditioned/Used IBCs

Reconditioned IBC Tote Tanks

When it comes to shipping and storage of semi-bulk liquids, there’s nothing more efficient than intermediate bulk containers, or IBCs. Significant cost savings can be achieved with used IBCs.

Get all the benefits of a new IBC at a reduced cost with high-quality reconditioned IBCs from Metano IBC Services. We are a leading supplier of IBCs for companies seeking a secure method of shipping and storing large-volume liquid materials. We provide refurbished IBCs constructed in the following range of materials to meet any industrial application requirement:

350 and 550 gal stainless steel IBC

Reconditioned IBCs have been previously used but are thoroughly cleaned, inspected and, if required, repaired to ensure optimal performance. All components are checked, replaced and tested to confirm operability.

Reconditioning Process

At Metano, we take the performance of totes we deliver seriously. The reconditioning processes of IBCs we supply surpass stringent environmental and safety standards. Reconditioning of our totes include the following processes:

  • Extensive internal cleaning utilizing 360° jets, 180°F steam, detergent wash, final fresh water rinse and thorough drying
  • External detergent wash with all labels being removed
  • A thorough leak test is performed
  • Internal and external inspections are performed
  • Stainless steel tanks will be testing in accordance with UN/DOT regulations
  • All IBC parts are inspected, replaced if necessary, and new gaskets are installed

Reconditioned IBC Industry Applications

Refurbished IBCs are the most economical choice for products that do not require a new tank. Industries that can take advantage of reconditioned IBCs include:poly comp

Going Green with Reconditioned IBCs

Another benefit of using reconditioned IBCs for bulk materials storage, handling and distribution is enhanced environmental stewardship. Reconditioned totes reduce waste and improve industrial sustainability.

Collection and reconditioning of IBCs around the world helps to protect natural resources and saves hundreds of thousands of tons of greenhouse gases every year. At Metano, we strive to preserve valuable natural resources by offering used IBC totes to our clients.


For high-quality, long-lasting bulk materials storage at an affordable price, look no further than reconditioned IBCs from Metano. We have you covered.

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Fusible Vent

3” NPT 316 S/S fusible vent cap with teflon gasket.

Drum Cover

22” 304 S/S drum cover with 3” nipple in center with eyebrows. 

Lifting Lugs & Stacking Positioners 
Stainless Steel Construction

10 Gauge stainless steel IBC construction with 2b finish.

Sloped Bottom

1-Piece slopped bottom uniform and virtually complete drainage.

Ball Valve

2” 316 S/S low-profile ball valve with reverse stem and locking handle.

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