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Metano IBC Services is your single source for Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) rentals. We offer a complete line of liquid IBCs in stainless steel & polyethylene providing a cost-effective, reliable method of handling, storing and shipping liquids.
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Metano is a full-service intermediate bulk container (IBC) rental and distribution company. We provide rentals, sales and service for intermediate bulk containers. We offer a complete line of IBCs in stainless steel & polyethylene, parts and accessories, and reconditioning and testing services.
Metano Stainless Steel IBC

Stainless Steel IBCs

Stainless steel IBCs provide a cost-effective, reliable method of handling, storing and shipping liquids.

IBC Services

In addition to stainless steel tank rentals and IBC sales Metano also provides value-added services, like IBC cleaning, testing, tracking and repair.

IBC Rentals

IBC rentals from Metano are the right option for manufacturers seeking to green their processes.

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You can reduce your packaging and shipping expenses by 75% by using using Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) instead of drums.  Find out how by downloading the free e-Guide today to unlock instant savings.
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