IBC Drum Cover Installation Handling Tips

    Installing the Drum Cover

    1. Check the crown on the drum neck and the groove in the drum cover to see that both are clean and free of foreign materials, and that neither is bent or damaged.
    2. Inspect the gasket for cuts, rips or tears.
    3. With the heavy cross section of the gasket up, apply the gasket to the opposite side of the drum neck and pull it toward you. Once the gasket is on the drum neck, the bottom of the gasket should be as far down as possible while ensuring that the gasket still covers the crown of the drum neck evenly.
    4. Carefully position the drum cover directly over the opening and lower it vertically onto the gasket with the centerline of the groove in the drum cover aligned with the centerline of the drum neck.
    5. With the drum cover resting on the gasket over the drum opening, ensure that the gasket has not moved or become dislodged.
    6. While holding the clamp ring with the flats of the clamp ring lugs facing up, start one end of the clamp ring on to the drum cover and the drum ring. Carefully work the clamp ring around the circumference of the drum cover and the drum ring, taking care not to pull or pinch the gasket during the process.
    7. Once the clamp ring is installed, check the gasket to ensure an equal quantity of gasket is showing below the clamp ring all the way around.
    8. Visually inspect to ensure that the clamp ring is evenly positioned around the circumference of the drum cover.
    9. Install the 5/8” x 5” bolt through the smooth bore lug on the clamp ring. Place the locking nut on the bolt between the lugs. Turn the bolt by hand two or three turns into the threaded lug of the clamp ring.
    10. Slowly tighten the clamp ring bolt until you feel resistance as the clamp ring is pulling the drum cover down on to the drum neck.
    11. Tighten the clamp ring to 30 F/P of torque using a hand-operated torque wrench.
    12. Tighten the locking nut snugly against the smooth bore lug.

    Closing IBC Containers

    Click here for information on installing hazmat drum covers.

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