Stainless Steel IBCs: Seals, Gaskets and the Chemical Compatibility Guide

    Are your seals and gaskets compatible with your chemicals? Get your Free Guide to find out!

    It’s no secret that stainless steel IBCs offer strength and durability against corrosive industrial liquids. But the same cannot be said for the seal and gasket materials used to close those IBCs. In fact, corrosive chemicals can degrade seals over time, which can lead to possible product contamination or even a disastrous chemical leak.  

    How can you be certain your chemical solvent is compatible with your sealing and gasket material?

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    This handy tool rates the compatibility of sealant materials and chemicals from A-Z (or Absorption Oil to Zinc Sulfate!).   While the guide is comprehensive, ultimately we recommend that you consult the product manufacturer for final determination of compatibility.  

    Metano has the information you need to make an informed decision on seals, gaskets and chemical compatibility.


    Chemical Compatibility Support Guide

    Chemical Compatibility Guide