Stainless Steel IBC Drum Cover Installation Video

    Today's presentation will be the installation of a 22 ½ inch drum cover across two metal craft containers using a standard 22 ½ inch bolted clamp. We'll start by checking the ring to make sure that there's no defects or debris that would cause any problems with the sealing surface. Take your gasket - noting the thicker profile as the upside of the gasket - start on the opposite side of the ring, pulling the gasket towards you seating it in place. Once the gasket is in place, look around the edges, ensuring that the gasket is on the crown of the ring to achieve a sealing surface. Once you have the gasket seated on the crown of the ring, take your 22 ½ drum cover, position it squarely on the crown of the ring and the gasket. Take the upside of your 22 ½ inch pipe ring as denoted by the flats of the plugs, start the non-threaded side, and wrap the clamp wing around. Start your bolt through the threaded load on the plane. Tighten your bolt on your clamp ring until the resistance is felt. Using a torque wrench, adjust the core to 30-foot pounds onto the cheese 30-foot pounds with a mallet. Starting in the center opposite of the lugs, going in both directions, to ensure the gasket is tight. Retort the bolt to 30-foot pounds. Take the locking nut and secure it snugly. You've now successfully installed a 22 ½ inch drum cover on the custom metal craft transport container.

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