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Covering Your Bases: Stainless Steel IBCs

An important feature to be considered when purchasing or renting stainless steel intermediate bulk containers are the base dimensions. When choosing a stainless steel intermediate bulk container, it is important to consider the following:

  1. - What are the base dimensions of my existing tote tank fleet?
  2. - Do I need to stack the stainless steel intermediate bulk containers?
  3. - What is my time frame for acquiring new tote tanks?

The answers to these questions lead you directly to your required base dimension.  The most common base size of a stainless steel intermediate bulk container is 42” x 48”.  A vast majority of stainless steel tote tanks have this configuration.  42”x42” is another common base dimension (although this size is probably less than 10% of the total). You will need to match the base dimensions of your existing stainless steel intermediate bulk container fleet with the newly purchased or rented tote tanks. This will enable you to easily stack the totes in your facility. 

stacked tote fleetIf you don’t have an existing stainless steel intermediate bulk container fleet, you should consider purchasing or renting tote tanks with the most common base dimension of 42" x 48".  In the event your suppliers or customers need to stack the tanks, common base dimensions makes stacking easier and safer. 

The base of the stainless steel intermediate bulk container (IBC) has other important features:

Construction 350gal ss ibc


Be sure that the stainless steel intermediate bulk containers that you purchase or rent have a sloped bottom. The bottom should have a minimum of a ½” slope from one side of the tank to the other towards the bottom outlet. This slope ensures the most efficient drainage of the contents. The bottom outlet is flush with the bottom interior of the tote tank to facilitate drainage. On the bottom exterior of the intermediate bulk container is normally a 2” stainless steel ball valve. The ball valve sits outside of the tank for easy access by the operator. It also utilizes a reverse handle so that it is in-line when closed.

Stainless steel intermediate bulk containers are fork lift-able on three sides. The only side that is not accessible with a forklift is the side with the valve. A valve guard sits just behind the valve and protects the valve so that the forks cannot hit the valve coming in from the opposite side.

Knowing the time frame of when you need your totes may make a big difference in determining whether you should rent or buy your tanks. With common base dimensions, building or adding onto your existing fleet makes it easier to assimilate your additional IBCs. 

If you would like more information on stainless steel IBC specifications feel free to contact us at or call 800-634-4128.

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