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Benefits of Using IBCs for the Storage of Pharmaceutical Intermediates

Intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) are an excellent storage solution for companies in the pharmaceutical intermediates industry. There are several key benefits that make using IBCs an attractive storage option for companies in this rapidly growing industry. As companies expand and storage needs increase, it becomes increasingly important to pay attention to optimizing material handling and storage. Intermediate Bulk Containers provide several key benefits as a storage option.

Ease of Handling & Efficient transportation 

IBCs are designed to be easily moved using a pallet jack or forklift. Stainless steel totes are designed to allow for forklift entry from three sides. Being able to efficiently move the IBCs using a forklift reduces time and money spent on moving chemicals around the production facility. The design of IBCs makes these containers an excellent storage option for innovative companies looking to take advantage of new technologies. 


IBCs allow for flexibility in storage and are ideal for customers who need to store a variety of pharmaceuticals. A small fleet of IBCs allows a company to store several different chemicals simultaneously.  The IBCs are large enough for the efficient bulk storage of product, while still small enough to be moved around a facility with ease. Stainless steel IBCs can be cleaned to “like new” condition and be reused with different chemicals without worry of cross contamination.   

Reduction in storage costs stacked stainless steel IBCs

The square shape of IBCs allows for more efficient storage than using drums. A 350-gallon stainless steel IBC will take up the same amount of space as four drums, but has the same storage capacity as six drums.  Totes can also be stacked, further increasing the storage efficiency of these containers. Storage costs can rise quickly if attention is not paid to how the material is stored. Stainless steel totes allow for a company to significantly increase production without drastically increasing the required storage space. 

Reduced contamination (higher quality product)

In the pharmaceutical intermediates industry, quality is a top priority. Stainless steel totes are an ideal container for ensuring chemicals maintain their high quality and are not contaminated during storage or transportation. Stainless steel totes have sanitary interiors and are protected against contamination. Minimizing product exposure to the external environment is the best way to reduce the risk for product contamination. 

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