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4 Design Features of IBC Containers


The stainless steel Intermediate bulk container(IBC) is a reusable container designed for the storage and transport of bulk liquids. It has many features that make filling, discharging and transporting the container a superior packaging product over the use of drums.

4 main features of liquid stainless steel IBC containers:

  1. Easy fillingIBC_top.jpg
You have a number of options when it comes to filling your stainless steel liquid totes.  They have a 2” bung opening to allow for speedy filling of your product.  You can also use the 3” fusible vent/cap in the center of the lid. Alternatively, you could also remove the large lid using the clamp ring to fill the IBC container.
  1. Easy discharge

IBC containers also incorporate a specially-designed sloped bottom to tote_bottom.jpgexpedite material discharge. This sloped design not only saves time, but also gives you over a 99% rate of product discharge to mini
mize material loss. Other efficiency-enhancing parts are also available.

  1. Durable 10-guage construction

Only heavy-duty, 10-guage stainless steel sheets are used to construct our stainless steel IBC containers. The thicker gauge material provides a high-tolerance for vibration and impact, which means a safer ride for your bulk liquids. And the 2B stainless finish is easily cleaned and sanitized for reuse.

  1. Rectangular shape

With a space-saving rectangular shape (vs. hefty, round drums) you can transport more liquid volume in fewer totes. In fact, one 350-gallon liquid tote holds the equivalent of six round drums, plus the rectangular shape allows for safer stacking. This translates to more-efficient transportation and warehousing. View complete design features of liquid totes.

These design features provide a serious advantage over the use of drums. But best of all, stainless steel liquid totes are available for rental when you sign up for a flexible IBC rental program. When you rent vs. own your liquid totes, you can expand your inventory on demand and never have to worry about maintaining obsolete equipment. Simply order the totes you need, keep them as long as necessary, and return them when you’re done. Explore the advantages in our IBC Rental Guide.

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