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Bottom Outlet on Stainless Steel IBCs

One of the many benefits of using stainless steel IBCs is that the product can be easily discharged out the bottom of the tote. Every stainless steel tote tank is going to have a bottom outlet assembly. The standard diameter for the outlet assembly is 2”. Our stainless steel tote tanks have a sloped bottom that allows the product to flow freely to the bottom outlet with the use of gravity. This allows for nearly complete product discharge and eliminates 99.5% of product residual in the tank. There are several common questions customers have related to the outlet of the tanks.
  • What is the outlet configuration?
  • What are the fittings on the outlet valve?
  • Why is the valve in-line when closed?
  • What is the D.O.T. requirement for closures?

Outlet Configuration

outlet assemblyThe outlet assembly is comprised of an elbow, nipple, and valve. The outlet on the tote is a 2” NPT threaded connection. The outlet will have a nipple-elbow-nipple assembly with a ball valve connected to the end opposite the tote. Alternatively, tanks can be constructed with a sweep elbow, in which the typical nipple-elbow-nipple assembly is replaced by a single elbow piece that is welded onto the bottom of the tank. The sweep elbow option removes all threads from the assembly. The outlet assembly is typically set up in a side drain design, although there are center drain options.  

Ball Valve Fittings

Dust CapThe stainless steel ball valve has female NPT threads and a plug.   A favorite option is add a quick connect adapter with a stainless steel dust cap. The male adapter easily threads into the the ball valve. The quick connect adapter makes it easy to clamp a hose onto the end of the outlet valve.  

Opening and Closing the Valve

in line ball valve

All of the valves for stainless steel IBCs are equipped with locking reverse handles. Typical household and industrial valves have the handle ‘in-line’ with the valve when open so that it follows the flow of the product. The valves on stainless steel IBC containers are closed when in-line and open when perpendicular to the valve. Valves have to be configured this way to comply with UN/DOT regulations. The handle needs to be tucked under the tank when in transit to mitigate the risk of the handle being knocked off the valve. 

D.O.T. Requires Secondary Closures

The D.O.T. requires a secondary closures for the transportation of regulated products.  In addition to the ball valve, there must also be a plug in case the ball valve fails.  The dust cap fitted on a male adapter also serves as the secondary closure.

The bottom draining outlet assembly is one of the key benefits of using stainless steel tote tanks. The outlet being on the  bottom of a tote makes it easy to drain nearly all the product in the tote simply by using gravity. The standard configuration is a 2” outlet with a ball valve. Knowing the different outlet configurations and fittings will help you utilize the totes as efficiently as possible. Understanding how the valve handle works is important for operating the totes properly. If you have any additional questions on the outlet assembly, please send us an email, or call us today at 1-800-634-4128.

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