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Intermediate Bulk Containers in the Paints and Coating Industry

intermediate bulk containers in paint and coating industry

Intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) are rapidly growing for use in the liquid transport of paints and industrial coatings. Stainless steel IBCs are one of the acceptable packaging methods for hazardous and corrosive liquids transport, while they also serve a dual role as efficient warehouse storage.

While IBCs are a cost effective and safe method for the transportation of paints and coatings, the key challenge to fully replacing 55-gallon drums in the paints and coatings industry lies in full adoption across all supply chain participants, including domestic small to medium businesses, and also when shipping to foreign destinations. Large corporations are spearheading the transition from drums to totes, and many are expecting supply chain vendors to have accommodating facilities.

Popularity of Intermediate Bulk Containers in the Paint and Coatings Industry

stainless steel intermediate bulk container rental programA 2017 Chemical Economics Handbook analysis found that an increase in new construction, housing, and major OEM markets, such as automotives, appliances, and machinery, has caused a surge in demand for paints and coatings. Metano IBC Services offers flexible rental programs for stainless steel IBCs, allowing companies to easily adjust their inventory in response to fluctuations in supply and demand.

Another reason for the popularity of IBCs in the paint and industrial coating sector is the efficient material handling capabilities of IBCs over drums. IBCs are designed to be easily lifted, moved, and stacked with a forklift. Three-way entry stainless steel IBCs and four-way entry poly composite totes fit into the material handling processes of multiple modes of transportation, including trailers, rail, and other intermodal shipping methods.

Intermediate Bulk Container Applications for the Paint and Coatings Industry

Paints and industrial coatings are a demanding industry that require storage and transport containers to withstand a wide range of chemicals to successfully deliver the product fit for purpose and quality. According to the American Coatings Association, approximately half of the paint and coatings products meet the criteria for hazardous materials and are regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR) along with the modal regulations for air, rail, highway and sea transport.

For this reason, stainless steel intermediate bulk containers are a preferred industry choice over disposable 55-gallon drums. Our IBC tote tanks are constructed with corrosion-resistant, 10-gauge stainless steel for strength and durability, with sloped bottoms to drain completely; and they can be stacked three-high, either empty or full to increase efficient use of transportation or warehouse space. Download our Chemical Compatibility Guide to ensure your chemicals are compatible with our stainless steel IBCs.

Industrial coatings and paints are one industry that fully takes advantage of the customizable nature of stainless steel IBCs. Lightweight liquid mixers can be fitted to the large top openings for stirring low-viscous liquids such as coatings. More powerful agitators can also be implemented to mix highly viscous liquids such as road paint and will increase the the applications of IBC totes to mixing, storage, and transportation.

Likewise, polyethylene composite IBCs are a safer, more cost-effective solution over drums for many chemical handling applications in the paint and coatings industry. Metano's Poly tanks are food-grade and constructed from high-density polyethylene with an outer container made of a rigid welded galvanized tubular steel grid. They allow for four-way fork entry and can be stacked four high which is perfect for high-bay warehouses. Poly tanks are able to accommodate various liquid production operations, and the totes are UV stabilized to protect the integrity of sensitive products.

For more information, visit the Metano IBC Services website, email, or give us a call at 1-800-634-4128  

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