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4 Signs Why a Rental Fleet Is The Right Choice

stacked IBC totes

There is no doubt IBC tanks are the best choice when it comes to storing and transporting your liquid goods. For many manufacturers, production levels can ebb and flow, which can make the job of planning and procuring your IBC tanks a real challenge. Is it a better investment to purchase your IBC tanks or is preserving  capital more of a necessity?  We can help you take the guesswork out of managing this important asset with the right planning tools, such as our IBC Rental Guide.  Metano can ensure that you have the tanks you need, when you need them; here are 4 quick signs why a rental fleet may be the right choice for you.

1)    You already have a surplus of tanks

Unused tanks, whether from  cancelled orders or overzealous purchasing, are a drain on your capital. They are also taking up precious real estate that could be of better use.

A flexible tank rental program takes the guesswork out of ordering; simply order the tanks you need, keep them as long as necessary and return them when your project is finished.

2)    Credit lines are tight 

A flexible tank rental program lets you acquire the tanks you need with no down payment and predictable monthly expenses. Need to reduce monthly payments to fund new growth?  Had a mid-year budget adjustment? Your rental fleet can move along your bottom line with you, instead of holding you back. 

3)    Service and maintenance are becoming a chore

Streamline your service and maintenance needs with our tank rental program. All IBC services, such as cleaning and regular maintenance, can be built right in to your contract to give you a full-circle of services from a reputable IBC vendor. Eliminate the need to outsource your tanks for cleaning and repair; eliminate the need to keep track of yet another vendor in your production line.

4)    Those old tanks have seen better days

Well maintained stainless steel tanks can have an outstanding service life. However, if you are seeing lots of wear and tear on your totes, this could be mean your fleet has outlived its usefulness. With tank rental, only the highest-quality stainless steel tanks will be in your rotation. 

old IBC tanks


VS 350-gal ss IBC


If you recognize these four signs,  it may be time to talk about a flexible tank rental program today!


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