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Four Key Advantages of Using Stainless Steel IBCs in the Industrial Chemical Industry

chemical truck.jpgTransporting and storing chemical compounds is a complex and potentially dangerous proposition.  There are thousands of industrial chemicals, many of which are toxic to humans and the environment.  Stainless steel is the material of choice when transporting chemicals.  There are four key advantages of using stainless steel tote tanks in the industrial chemical industry.

Versatile & Reusable

Perhaps the most advantageous thing about stainless steel totes is their versatility.  Just about any chemical or solvent can be transported and stored in them, with no adverse effects to the chemical or the container. What's more, totes come in a variety of capacities, ranging in size from 119 gallons up to 793 gallons.  Totes can also be tailored to meet specific company needs, and can be customized with an assortment of adaptor fittings, vents, gaskets, valves, and specialized accessories.  IBCs are relatively easy to clean, and can be cleaned to “like new” condition.  A thorough cleaning allows stainless steel totes to be reused for the same, or a completely different, chemical without worrying about contamination.

Corrosion Resistance

IBC chemical storage.jpgIt's vitally important that chemical containers are rust proof and resistant to the abrasive action of chemicals and solvents.  If a tank is compromised, the contents will leak, potentially causing harm to people or the environment.  Again, stainless steel tanks are well suited for the job.  Not only do they resist chemicals stored inside them, they are also tolerant of the often abrasive solvents used in cleaning.  Corrosion resistance is not just confined to the interior of the tank, the exterior is stainless steel as well, meaning the tank will hold up when stored in harsh conditions.  Whether the IBC is outdoors or kept in a manufacturing facility, it will be resistant to corrosion.   

Strength & Durability

Stainless steel is the material of choice for chemical storage tanks, first and foremost, for its strength.  It's extremely difficult to puncture, or otherwise compromise a stainless steel tank.  It actually takes quite a bit of force to even make a noticeable dent in a tank.  Secondly, stainless steel is extremely service-free, requiring little, to no, maintenance.  Beyond cleaning the inside of the tank prior to reusing it, there is no maintenance with a stainless steel tank.  Not many other materials are durable and easy to maintain.

Long-Term Value

Stainless steel tanks come in a variety of shapes and capacities.  Properly maintained, they will literally stand up to decades of service even in a harsh environment.  Combined with the fact that they're virtually maintenance free, IBCs are an incredible value.  However, that's not the end of the story, it's also recyclable, meaning it holds value beyond service.

Across the chemical production, transportation, and storage industries, stainless steel totes and tanks are indispensable.  Its common properties, such as ease of cleaning, corrosion resistance, and durability make it ideal for use with a huge variety of chemicals.  The financial benefits of using IBCs can be passed on to customers in the form of lower costs and better overall service and dependability.

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