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5 Essential Tips for Installing the Cover on an IBC Tank

The shipper of regulated products in IBC tanks is responsible for ensuring that the intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) are properly closed. The US DOT states that packaging manufacturers are required to notify each person to whom the packaging is transferred of all requirements not met at time of transfer. According to the DOT [49 CFR 178.2 (c)], closing instructions must be provided to whomever a packaging is transferred.

Just as important, fillers and shippers of hazardous materials packaging must follow the closing instructions they receive. This includes making sure you apply the correct torque to all IBC tank closures. 

IBC TanksEach type of closure and each type of material (stainless steel IBC tanks and poly totes) requires a different torque for proper closing. Keep the closing instructions you receive on file, and carefully check them for the correct torque values.

Click on the image to the left for a video demonstration of the necessary steps for installing a drum cover on stainless steel IBC tanks.

Listed below is a brief checklist of essential procedures in installing the lid on a stainless steel IBC tank for the shipment of hazardous products.

  1. All openings must be securely tightened to prevent leakage of materials and vapors.
  2. Each UN31A labeled tank is equipped with an emergency vent in the drum lid that fits on the top opening.  This vent must be inspected before each shipment and must be replaced if faulty.
  3. The drum lid and gasket must be inspected for damage and replaced if necessary.
  4. The drum lid is installed on the top opening with a clamp ring.  It may be necessary to tap the clamp ring, all around, with a non-sparking mallet.  Ring only gets tight on the side where the bolt and nut are located.
  5. After tightening the bolt to a torque of 30 ft.-lbs., the lock nut must be firmly tightened into place.

Remember - it is the shipper's reponsibility to comply with all UN/DOT IBC tank closing regulations.   Click here to see a more detailed checklist for lid closing procedures for stainless steel IBC tanks.

Closing IBC Containers

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