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How to Move Stainless Steel Tote Tanks

We get asked a lot of questions about how to move a stainless steel tote tank. Here are a few common questions:

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  • Does the tote tank come on a pallet?
  • Can you lift it with a forklift?
  • Can we use a pallet jack?
  • What is the tare weight of a 350-gallon stainless steel tote?
  • Are stainless steel tote tanks stackable?

 Let’s take a closer look at these questions. 

A stainless steel tote tank does not come on a pallet. It is designed to be lifted by a forklift however. The standard ss tote tank has four legs providing 5½” of clearance.  It is forklift-able on three sides.  The side of the tote tank with the discharge valve provides a valve guard so that the forks cannot enter on that side. (Additionally, the valve guard will stop the forks from hitting the valve from the opposite side.)

Here are some guidelines for moving a stainless steel tote tank with a forklift:

1) Observe the “No Forks This Side” decal on the IBC, and do not attempt to enter or lift from this side of the IBC with a forklift.

forklift for tote tanks

2) Engage the forks of the fork lift fully under the bottom of the IBC.

3) Once you have fully engaged the forks under the IBC with the forks either resting on the bottom of the IBC or in the fork channels, you may lift and move the IBC per your standard forklift handling practices and procedures.

The tare weight of a standard 350-gallon stainless steel tote tank is approximately 470 pounds. Each ss tank will vary slightly by a pound or two, but 470 lbs. works as a good average.  Given the weight of these ss tanks, a forklift (or pallet jack) is really your only option for moving them.

Lastly, stainless steel totes tanks are stackable.  This is one of the many benefits of stainless steel intermediate bulk containers.  The 350-gallon stainless steel totes can be double stacked, when empty, in a truck for easy transport. They can be stacked four high, when empty, in your warehouse.  The number of totes that can be stacked when full will depend on the weight of the product contained in the tote.  Stainless steel tote tanks are built with lifting lugs that also act as stacking positioners.  These lifting lugs will guide the legs of top tank to fit securely on top of the bottom tank.


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