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Why Tote Tanks Are Superior To Drums

Certain practices become routine, managing to outlast their usability and practicality. The prevalent use of cylindrical drums for transport of liquid goods in the a wide variety of industries is proof of an outdated application.

When moving liquid goods, such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, or other regulated substances, stainless steel tote tanks are better than drums for a number of reasons.

They offer a lower liability, are capable of reducing costs, help companies go green, and, most importantly, provide superior storage and transport utilization.

Stainless steel totes, also known as intermediate bulk containers or IBCs, improve working conditions for your employees. Available in different capacities, the tote tanks are loaded by forklift instead of hand cart and placed in a uniform layout rather than forcing round objects into square buildings and vehicles. This smart alternative dramatically cuts down on workplace injuries resulting from accidents, carelessness, or poor planning.

tote tanksAdopting stainless steel totes are also incredibly cost effective. In labor alone, handling and transporting tote tanks saves considerable man hours over traditional loading and unloading of drums. By loading totes with a forklift, a single worker can handle the task in far less time than it usually takes multiple workers to move just as much material but in much larger quantity of drums. Larger capacities make it possible to move the same volume of goods in a smaller quantity of containers.  A single 350-gallon IBC will use less space than six 55-gallon drums, improving storage utilization. IBCs are also reusable and have 20 plus years of useful life, far outlasting any drum on the market. 

The green benefits of stainless steel tote tanks are vastly superior to drum. IBCs are reusable, returnable, and recyclable, lowering disposal costs as well as environmental impact. By using IBCs repeatedly without additional units being manufactured, unlike traditional drums which are only meant for single-use, the carbon footprint of any company can be greatly reduced. Stainless steel is inherently diffusion-free, meaning a proper cleaning makes each
tote tank good as new after each use.


The transfer of liquids in liquid drums account for an innumerable amount of waste, while IBCs offer completely drainable functionality, ensuring minimal product loss. 

If your company cares about utilizing its space in the most efficient manner, demonstrating environmental ideals, reducing unnecessary costs, and lowering employee risk, making the switch from outdated cylindrical storage drums to modern stainless steel IBCs may be the next step on your plan to keep up with improved industry standards. 

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