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Stainless Steel IBC Lid Installation Guidelines

SS Drum Cover with vent and bung plugProperly installing the lid on a stainless steel tote tank is crucial to ensuring the tote functions properly and safely. It is important when the stainless steel IBC leaves the shipper’s facility that the lid is installed correctly in order to comply with The Department of Transportation title 49 CFR 178.2. There are two main components to installing the lid on a tote. First the gasket must be  installed properly, and then the clamp ring must be tightened to 30 ft-lbs to comply with UN/DOT specifications.

Gasket Installation

  1.  First check the top of the tote and the tote cover to see that both are clean and that there is no visible damage to either piece. Also inspect the gasket for cuts, rips or tears.
  2. Locate the seam of the gasket, and place the opposite end of the gasket on the far side of the drum neck.
  3. Carefully pull the gasket towards you while avoiding as much pressure on the seam of the gasket as possible. The bottom of the gasket should be as far down as possible while ensuring that the gasket still covers the crown of the drum neck evenly.

Tightening the Clamp Ring

  1. Carefully position the tote lid onto the gasket.
  2. While holding the clamp ring with the flats of the clamp ring lugs facing up, carefully work the clamp ring around the circumference of the drum cover and the drum ring, taking care not to pull or pinch the gasket during the process.
  3. Install the 5/8” x 5” bolt through the smooth bore lug on the clamp ring. Place the locking nut on the bolt between the lugs. Turn the bolt by hand two or three turns into the threaded lug of the clamp ring.
  4. Slowly tighten the clamp ring bolt until you feel resistance as the clamp ring is pulling the drum cover down on to the drum neck.
  5. Tighten the clamp ring to 30 F/P of torque using a hand-operated torque wrench. It may be necessary to tap the clamp ring, all around, with a non-sparking mallet, to ensure the clamp ring is tightened evenly. If a rubber mallet is not used, the clamp ring will only tighten on the side with the nut and bolt.
  6. Tighten the locking nut snugly against the smooth bore lug.

Following proper procedure when installing the gasket and clamp ring is important to ensuring the tote lid is installed correctly and is in compliance with UN/DOT regulations. The process is fairly simple, but getting the details right is critical to installing the components correctly, and will help ensure the tote functions as designed. If you have any additional questions on the process for installing the lid, please send us an email, or call us today at 1-800-634-4128.

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