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Top Three Benefits of Poly Composite IBCs

275 gal poly composite totePoly Composite IBCs are an alternative to using drums when transporting liquids.  There are a number of advantages to using poly composite IBCs, including low cost, no return freight and ready availability.  The large size and low cost make these intermediate bulk containers a very attractive option for companies looking for an efficient and cost effective method to ship liquids. 

Poly Composite Tote Features

Poly composite IBCs are composed of an inner container extrusion blow molded from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and an outer container made of a rigid welded galvanized tubular steel grid. The pallet can be plastic or metal.  Poly composite totes come in two capacities, 275-gallons and 330-gallons, with 275-gallons being the most commonly used.  Poly composite IBCs are used in many industries, such as industrial chemicals, food and beverage, paints and coatings, and the pharmaceutical intermediates industry.  Below are the top 3 advantages of using poly composite totes:

1. Low Cost:

Poly composite totes are an impressive combination of low cost and high quality.  An economical packaging solution, poly composite IBCs are a great way to reduce packaging costs when shipping bulk liquids.  Additional cost savings can be achieved by purchasing reconditioned totes (depending on the application).  The price point makes poly composite totes a great IBC option with valuable cost savings.

2. Save Space:

stacked poly composite ibcsPoly-composite tote tanks have a large storage capacity and optimal design for maximizing the amount of product that can be transported in a given shipment.  Unlike a circular drum, the rectangular design of totes minimizes the amount of space wasted.  For example, one 330-gallon tote will hold the same amount of liquid as six 55-gallon drums, but only take up as much space as four drums!  The design of poly composite IBCs ensures maximum efficiency during transportation, reducing freight costs.  

3. Better for the environment:

green poly composite ibcsPoly composite IBCs are a great packaging option for companies concerned about the environment.  The plastic container is blow molded, so there is very little waste material in the production of the IBCs.  The tubular steel grid is durable and will last for many uses if handled properly.  Minimal wasted material and the ability to reuse the totes makes poly composite IBCs one of the most environmentally friendly packaging solutions. 

There are many reasons to choose poly composite IBCs for the storage of bulk liquids.  The totes are inexpensive, space efficient, and environmentally friendly.  For many companies, poly composite IBCs are the best liquid bulk shipping solution.  To get answers for all of your intermediate bulk container questions send us an email, or call us at 800-634-4128.

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