Case Study: IBC Tracking Pays off for New Customer

    When a new Metano repair and cleaning customer reported it was having a hard time monitoring test dates and repair schedules for its fleet of intermediate bulk containers, we knew we had the right solution for the company.

    We were also ready for the challenge, even though the customer is a major international producer of personal care products and its fleet comprises 500 IBCs.

    The answer to the customer’s tracking problems was our very own mobile asset management system. Since it began using MAMS this past fall, the company has realized numerous improvements, including:

    • Better scheduling of repairs and tests
    • More efficient use of its existing intermediate bulk containers
    • Ability to forecast future testing dates

    As a result, the company’s staff has been more productive and able to operate at its full potential.

    The customer also appreciates the fact that our tracking program is web-based, because the system didn’t require the purchase of additional software and allows the company to log in from any location.

    Click here to read more about our intermediate bulk container tracking program and then contact us to realize the best efficiencies possible from your IBCs.

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