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Superior IBC Design Features

Stainless steel Intermediate bulk container (IBC) is the superior choice when it comes to the storage and transport of bulk liquids. Reusable with design features that make filling, discharging and transporting easier and more effective. See what sets ss IBCs apart from antiquated drums and makes the switch a no-brainer.

1. Easy fillingss IBC lid assembly

Stainless steel totes is designed to provide a number of options when it comes to filling your IBC.  A typical 2” bung opening allows for speedy filling of your product.  You can also use a 3” fusible vent/cap in the center of the lid or remove the entire lid using the clamp ring to fill the IBC container.

2. Easy discharge

IBC containers incorporate a specially-designed sloped bottom to expedite material discharge. This sloped design not only saves time, but also gives you over a 99% rate of product discharge to minimize material loss. Other efficiency-enhancing parts are also available.Sloped bottom ss IBC

3. Rectangular Shape

Forklift 1With a space-saving rectangular shape (vs. hefty, round drums) you can transport more liquid volume in fewer totes. One 350-gallon liquid tote can holds the equivalent of six round drums. Due to its uniform base dimensions, totes can be stacked up to three high, saving invaluable amount of space during transport and warehousing. SS IBCs are also designed to be moved easily using a pallet jack or forklift, with entry from three sides. View complete design features of liquid totes.

4. 10-Gauge Construction

Our stainless steel IBC containers are constructed with heavy-duty, 10-gauge stainless steel sheets. The thicker gauge material provides a high-tolerance for vibration and impact, which means a safer ride for your bulk liquids; the 2B stainless finish is easily cleaned and sanitized for reuse.

Whether you are interested in purchasing a ss IBC or if you'd rather take advantage of our flexible IBC rental program, the superior design features of a stainless steel tote provide a serious advantage over the use of drums. Have more questions? Download our Guide for IBC vs. Drums or contact one of our IBC experts today!

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